Jesse Antonissen

I am a researcher at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). I work in the team of Bart Baselmans, Nico Romeijn and some mathematics and AI students from this university. As a team, we mainly deal with the data from other participating universities and we try to reach new insights using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

I first did two studies at the university where I currently work. I started with a bachelor’s degree in Technical Informatics, in which I graduated in the Artificial Intelligence field. I then pursued a Master’s degree in Applied Artificial Intelligence. Upon graduation, I focused on a combination of technical hardware and Artificial Intelligence. During my studies, I came in contact with Bart Baselmans, after which I started working for the CureQ project at the AUAS since September 2023.

Within the CureQ consortium, I am working in WP5. I work with all the different types of data we receive from the participating academic hospitals in the Netherlands.