Linda van der Graaf

I have been working as a research technician in the NeuroD group (led by Willeke van Roon-Mom) at LUMC Leiden since May 2013. After finishing my Bachelor studies in 2006, I gained experience working in several labs specializing in imaging techniques such as MRI and SPECT. I contributed to research in various fields, including heart diseases, tumor therapy with radiolabeled peptides, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Since 2013, I have been working concurrently in the Radiology lab and the NeuroD lab. However, since 2017, I have been working exclusively in the NeuroD group. In my current role, I am mainly focused on culturing induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) for various neurodegenerative diseases and supervising the neuro iPSC lab in the department. In addition, I have extensive experience with a wide range of histological, molecular, and imaging techniques.

Within the CureQ consortium, I will be working in the LUMC as a Research technician on WP1 in the group of Willeke van Roon-Mom. I will work on newly generated isogenic iPSc lines for Huntington, SCA1 and SCA3, their quality control and in the end functional tests on these cell lines.